Pressing the aluminum profile is a deformation process used to obtain a long flat products whose length is significantly greater than the dimensions of cross sections (rods, tubes, tapes, etc.). The principle of molding is simple: due to high load (force the piston presses) Material tree snaps through the tool which gives the desired shape of the profile.

FEAL has installed four modern lines for molding aluminum profiles. The lines vary in strength presses installed. Dimensions of the cross-sectional profile and its required mechanical properties, define the material (alloy), a tool for pressing the line on which the profile will be made.


As a raw entry material we use aluminum billets diametara Ф 152 mm, Ф 178 mm, Ф 203 mm Ф 254 mm and Ф 305 mm,cast out of primary aluminium alloy.
Type alloy and method of heat treatment after molding determine the mechanical properties profila. In following table the alloys used in FEAL with their chemical composition and mechanical properties after molding are shown. The quality of the chemical composition of the alloy manufacturer guarantees.

Alloy ENAW 6060 (AlMgSi 0,5)



Alloy ENAW 6063 (AlMgSi 0,5)


Alloy ENAW 6005A (AlMgSi 0,7)


Alloy ENAW 6082 (AlMgSi 1)





On the surface protection line we protect aluminum profiles, sheets and other parts made of aluminium with anodizing and electrostatic painting.


In our product range we offer anodization in natural color, in bronze, from bright to completely black and anosidation in gold color. thickness of anodized layer is standard from 18-22 microns, and by special request we also do anodized layer of other thickness.

Electrostatic painting / Powder coating

Electrostatic painting is done in several phases. Before the electrostatic powder coating is done pretratment a profile, creating a conversion layer, which allows good adhesion of powder and resistance and color stability.
After pretreatment and drying of the profile, the procedure applied by electrostatic powder, and then going to roast in the oven for curing products are delivered in color according to customer.

Plant for decoration with sublimation technology

Installing facilities for sublimation, we got unlimited decorations surface profile.
Process decorations profile is in two phases:
- The first phase of the electrostatic powder coating and baking in the oven for curing
- The second phase of the sublimation process, i.e transmission of color with decorative foil to the previously coated profile.

With Line of decorative aluminum profiles we obtained the possibility of protection and decoration of aluminum profiles in imitation of wood, stone, etc. We practically unlimited possibilities of design areas.



Machining is done through the final formation of PTM profile and treatment of intermediate and final product according to technical requirements of clients, all while respecting the highest standards of quality.


Production PTM profile

The line connecting the PTM profile of the total installed capacity of 8000 tonnes/year. That line is equipped with modern CNC machines, which enable the connection profile of the largest cross-section 410x360 mm. On this line it is possible to connect the profile of the raw and colored state, which enables the connection of two- coloured profile. Furthermore, it is possible to connect a variety of materials such as combinations of aluminum-PVC-wood.

Production cycle connecting PTM Summary

This procedure can be divided into four phases:

- Notching of the grooves
- Insertion of poliamide drips
- Process of joining profiles
- Quality control of joint profiles

Quality control involves controlling the profile of the combined geometry and profile control mechanical maximum force between the profiles. Recommended value of mechanical force is 400-500 [N/cm]. Standard polyamide strips are stable at high temperatures, allowing for subsequent coating profile.

Machining of aluminum profiles

hanks to many years of experience and an advanced technology FEAL is able to offer its customers, the service and the most demanding machining aluminum structures, ranging from small pieces to be used as connecting elements locksmith-facade structure, until the very complex aluminum structures of various shapes and lengths up to 15 m.

Services for sawing a profile section to 480 mm, and further processing on automated fiveaxial CNC machines.

We are able on bending arches, flex profile in its raw state, the minimum bending diameter mm R380 with more folding points, and then painted and anodised them. Prepared in this way supplied the arches are regularly shaped and without mechanical damage. The total installed capacity of the line of machining the 6000 t/yr.

Using top quality machines from renowned manufacturers, as well as ongoing review of the technological process of machining a guarantee of successful business.



In FEAL we are consired about the methods and processes used in the production, while respecting the environment and safety.

Discharge of water purification technology is done on modern automated plant for water treatment technology.

Using modern technology and means of protection and constant control of the requirements of ISO 14001, that is the guarantor of our concern for the environment. In addition to the authorized institutions, the analysis of water is regularly checked in our own laboratory.


FEAL specializes in designing aluminum systems and the further processing of aluminum. The slogan under which we operate is: Quality first!

The products that we market are various types of aluminum structures used in construction and industry.

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